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What is The Kanga Project?

This is The Kanga Project, a non-profit initiative celebrating women with gifts of kanga in the villages of Zanzibar. The Kanga is a rectangular piece of fabric which is used to cover, pray with and has an infinite number of uses. We are inspired by the way women have been able to integrate such a humble piece of fabric so creatively in their daily lives.


In September 2016 we set out, camera in hand to send joy to the hearts of mothers. What we received was an overwhelming amount of gratitude, abundance of prayers and so many gleaming faces of delight! We reached a total of 1000 women over the course of a month within 10 different villages. Our work was featured live on national television in Tanzania as well as an entire episode dedicated to it's honor on Islam Channel's Womens AM, where we spoke about the project, its impact and the importance of giving!

This year, The Kanga Project is back, and with your help we believe we can reach so many more Mothers. Within the initial distribution we were able to gift 100 women in each village. What was heartbreaking was to leave some of these equally deserving women empty handed. We aim to leave no heart untouched with joy and hope to have your support in doing so!

Just £2 is enough to send a Kanga gift so choose how many Mama's you want to impact and donate today!

"We wear Kanga everyday in every situation. Kanga saves us from the expenses of ready made clothes that we can't afford. With Kanga we are always covered!"

Why The Kanga?


Although a seemingly simple gift, the Kanga is culturally used as a gift for special occasions. It sends messages of love not only by the act of giving, but by the proverbs and poetry often found on the ends of a Kanga fabric.


In support of the local economy, all Kanga's are purchased from traders on the Island. This keeps the circle of support going for the community.


The Kanga is widely used amongst women and girls across Africa. It is predominantly used to cover, but it is also used to carry children and heavy loads, to sit on, to clean with, to sleep on, to pray with, as well as to adorn the women in special occasions.

Send a KANGA to a MAMA!

The Kanga Project needs you! With your generous donations we are able to gift thousands of women across the villages of Zanzibar. Just £2 will send a gift of Kanga to a Mama, choose how many mothers you want to spread joy to and donate your part!

Donate today and be part of the #kangamovement!


Say Hello!

Have more questions? Send us an email on hellokangaproject@gmail.com or use the form below for your convenience!

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